Nex : AI Knowledge Copilot

Nex : AI Knowledge Copilot
💎 Nex uses cutting-edge AI to generate takeaways and outlines for any article or YouTube video, highlighting important quotes as your ideas.
🔥 What's more, Nex is completely free. Download Nex to get ideas 10x faster and accumulate knowledge effortlessly!
✨ Tool Features
✅ Summarize Website: Extract key points from content, automatically highlight remarkable paragraphs
✅ Summarize YouTube: Generate summaries of video content, automatically organize timelines
✅ Chat with articles or YouTube videos:Ask questions based on the content to gain deeper knowledge
✅ Save Content: Save articles or YouTube videos to create a personal knowledge repository
✅ Read Mode: Enjoy a clear and ad-free reading experience
✅ One-Click Share: Quickly share fascinating content
📍 User Manual
Visit and download the free extension.
Open any online content, such as an article or a YouTube video.
Click on the "Nex" icon located to the right of the screen.
Browse, store, edit, or share any of the automatically generated summaries and highlights based on the opened content.
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