ApplyPass: Automated Job Search

ApplyPass: Automated Job Search

ApplyPass automates job applications so you can focus on passing interviews and negotiating your dream salary.

This job AI job finder searches the internet for jobs that fit your skills and experience. Then, ApplyPass applies with your optimized resume and cover letter to increase your chances of getting interviews.

ApplyPass has generated $269,256,833 from engineering job offers at 1,658 different tech companies

ApplyPass offers a freemium service. After the initial 100 free applications, users will have the option to pay:

  • $20/month for 100 applications sent per week
  • $100/month for 400 applications sent per week


  1. Automated job matching
  2. Job profile optimization
  3. Resume optimizer
  4. Cover letter generator
  5. LinkedIn profile optimizer
  6. Educational courses & videos




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