Ideamap AI

Ideamap AI

AI-powered brainstorming, from the ground up.

Imagine having a smart assistant that's not only great at suggesting fresh ideas but also organizes those thoughts in real-time. No more staring at blank walls or going in circles. Ideamap is like having an extra brain in your team that never runs out of steam.

You can create virtual rooms where your team and the AI collaborate seamlessly, whether you're all in the same office or working remotely. It's got this endless canvas vibe, so you can visualize everything and connect the dots easily.

The AI features are a game-changer, seriously. It groups ideas into topics, suggests challenges, and even detects duplicates. Plus, it's got templates for things like SWOT analysis to get you started right off the bat. And when you're done? The AI magically summarizes the session for you.

It's perfect for any team looking to shake up the way they brainstorm—marketing, strategy, product, you name it. If you've got ideas to explore, Ideamap is the playground you didn't know you needed.

Want to give it a try? It's free to start. Let's fire up our next session on Ideamap and watch the ideas flow like never before!




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