DreamFace: AI Art Animator

DreamFace: AI Art Animator

DreamFace:Your AI-powered creative studio

Let AI Create Beauty,Make Images Entertaining, Give Voice to Text.


【Function 1: Photo Animator】

With DreamFace's Photo Animator, you have the power to breathe life into your pictures using innovative lip sync and face animation techniques. You can craft singing pictures that add an entirely new dimension to your cherished memories.


【Function 2:AI Photo Generator】

Create extraordinary avatar versions of yourself with the latest artificial intelligence technology. Simply upload your photos, select your desired styles, and watch DreamFace work its magic. Transform into a soccer player, an astronaut, or explore dozens of other styles. With AI Avatar Generator feature the choice is entirely yours.


【Function 3: Enhance Photo Quality】

Say goodbye to dull, old photos! Elevate your everyday portraits and selfies to influencer-level excellence. Additionally, give a new lease of life to old, blurry, or scratched photos, transforming them into remarkable works of art.


【Function 4: Create videos from text (Internal testing)】

Say goodbye to expensive equipment, inconsistent actors, complex editing tools and 3rd party teams.Create videos from text in minutes with AI-generated avatars and voices.



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