WriteText.ai for WooCommerce

WriteText.ai for WooCommerce

WriteText.ai is a plugin specifically developed for WordPress/WooCommerce that aims to automate the creation of product texts and meta descriptions. This plugin offers the versatility to generate content for both individual products and numerous products in bulk. It smoothly fuses with WordPress/WooCommerce, granting a user-friendly experience for novices. WriteText.ai excels in shaping top-notch, SEO-friendly meta titles, meta descriptions, product descriptions, and Open Graph texts, with both 'WriteText.ai Single' and 'WriteText.ai Bulk' choices available to enhance content-making efficacy. There is no cap on the number of users and webshop installations per account.

In WriteText.ai Single mode, apart from selecting the tone, style, and target market, the user can conduct a comprehensive keyword analysis, pick semantic keywords, and decide on the attributes to be included in the text within WooCommerce before generating the actual text.

After the product familiarization and keyword analysis is complete, it takes around 50 seconds to fabricate the real text. The user then has the opportunity to review the final output before publishing it to WooCommerce.

WriteText.ai Single ensures a consistent tone and style and incorporates keywords for a superior SEO ranking. It provides the flexibility to customize the content of each product to fit a specific audience's need.

The WriteText.ai Bulk feature allows for generating text for multiple products all at once. The writer can select numerous products and quickly generate text for all of them. While this feature doesn't support keyword analysis, the selection of semantic keywords and individual customization of product attributes (due to the mass production nature), it still lets the writer establish a consistent tone, style, and attributes for all chosen products.

This feature is speedy. Once the products to be included, as well as tone, style, and attributes, are predetermined, it takes about 30 seconds to generate text for each item.

Plugin Features:

- Capability to link an unlimited number of e-commerce websites.
- Unlimited user allowance.
- Ability to directly transfer or publish text to WooCommerce.
- Option to choose specific product attributes to include in the text.
- Selection capacity for tones and style.
- Allows the selection of target audience.
- Option to specify target length.
- Ability to set user roles (deter who can generate, review, and publish).
- Access to review history logs.
- Bulk text transfer/publish capability.
- Option to include custom product specifics.
- Ability to define a personal tone and style.
- Use of a reference product to maintain uniform tone and style throughout multiple products.
- Receives AI-suggested target markets.
- Can specify a custom target market.
- Text rewriting capability.
- Offers keyword analysis.
- Allows the selection of semantic keywords.
- Ability to track keyword and semantic keyword density.
- Multiple store support feature.



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