Simple and Efficient for managing customer queues

Simple and Efficient for managing customer queues

Qwaiting is a smart queue management system that reduces customer queue time, increases staff productivity, and delivers a delightful customer experience. It has a solution for every business size. It is designed to make the user's life easy and tension-free. Users can schedule all their appointments and keep track of all the services with this software. It is used on a large scale in various countries, and some of our trusted clients are Skechers, Hawkers, Changi Airport Group, Loreal, and many more.

Qwaiting is a customer queue management system that allows you to systematize and prioritize the customer flow management procedure. It will enable visitors to check in for service by phone and wait for their turn to be served. It is one of the most useful pieces of software used on a large scale. Users can use this software to scan the QR code with their mobile phones and get all the information about the payment or appointment.




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