How To Use

Upload Your Database: Simply upload your SQL database to get started.

Ask Questions: Type your questions about your data in plain language.

Get SQL Queries: generates the SQL code for your questions, which you can run directly on your database.

Analyze Results: Use the output to make informed decisions, or dive deeper with more queries.

CSV Download: Take Your Data Offline makes it easy to download the findings as a CSV file after your data has been obtained and visualized. Those who need to use the data for reports and presentations or for additional offline analysis may find this option especially helpful. makes sure that your insights are always available by enabling simple data downloads.

Advantages Of Using OpenSQL

Ease to use: OpenSQL allows users to input questions in natural language, simplifying SQL query creation and making database interactions accessible without extensive SQL knowledge.

Time Efficiency: Automates SQL code generation, significantly reducing the time needed to write and debug SQL queries, thus speeding up the data analysis process.

Educational Tool: Acts as a practical learning platform, aiding students and developers in understanding SQL querying without prior in-depth database language knowledge.

Integration Flexibility: Easily integrates into existing applications or assists in building new data analysis tools, enhancing the functionality of business software solutions.

Cost-Effective: Provides a free version that offers an economical solution for startups and individuals to perform advanced data operations without incurring additional software costs.

Data Security: Prioritizes user data security by not using customer data to train its models, ensuring all interactions remain private and secure.

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