Living Comments

Living Comments

Living Comments, REVOLUTIONIZING ENGAGEMENT WITH AI COMMENTS, is a cutting-edge WordPress plugin designed to inject life and dynamism into your website's comment sections. By leveraging advanced AI, it generates contextually relevant comments and replies, ensuring your pages become lively forums of interaction and discussion.

This plugin stands out by transforming static comment sections into engaging communities, enhancing both user experience and SEO. Living Comments is the ideal solution for website owners seeking to elevate engagement without constant manual input. Whether for blogs, e-commerce, or informational sites, it offers a seamless way to foster a vibrant community around your content.


  • AI-generated comments that align with page content
  • A diverse range of tones for varied conversational dynamics
  • Multiple engagement modes to suit different interaction preferences
  • Comprehensive analytics for monitoring comments activity
  • Robust moderation tools to maintain comment quality
  • Guest/Dummy user features for richer interaction depth
  • Straightforward dashboard for easy plugin navigation

Best for

  • Bloggers wanting more interactive comment sections
  • E-commerce platforms seeking to enhance customer engagement
  • Digital marketers looking to boost SEO through active user participation
  • Content platforms aiming to build a community


  • Free Plan: Get started with 15 free comments.

  • Lite 300 Plan: For $15/month, this plan provides 300 comments, suitable for new or small-scale websites.

  • Standard 900 Plan: At $36/month, enjoy 900 comments, ideal for websites experiencing moderate traffic and growth.

  • Gold 3000 Plan: Priced at $90/month, this offers 3000 comments, perfect for more established sites with regular visitor engagement.

  • Elite 9000 Plan: For $180/month, this premium plan delivers 9000 comments, catering to high-traffic sites with extensive engagement needs.

Embrace the future of website engagement with Living Comments, where AI comments create a dynamic space for your audience to connect and converse, enriching the user experience and contributing to your site's growth.




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